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Technical and Vocational Education & Training (TVET)

A tool to address child labour “:

Background :

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)- UDDIPAN TVET has initially started its Project in 2013 with duration of 3 years and still it is continuing in the Port City of Chittagong. Considering the vulnerability of the boys and girls of the poor families of Chittagong Port City and the ample scope of employment generation in the industries of Chittagong Port City UDDIPAN placed a proposal to TdH-Netherlands to address the problem. After the acceptance of the proposal UDDIPAN implementing the project at Chittagong in the name of “UDDIPAN TVET Project “ with the financial assistance of Terre des Hommes Netherlands. Later the extended up to December 2018.

Duration : January 2016 to December 2018

Implementing Partner: VERC,BSAF & UDDIPAN

Lead Organization: UDDIPAN

Donor : TdH Netherlands


Empowering youngsters (boys and girls) from vulnerable and poor families in Chittagong port city have better livelihood opportunities with skills.


  • Increased capacity on technical and vocational education of youngsters (boys and girls) from vulnerable families of the port city of Chittagong for gainful employment and empowerment.

Contributed through programme research and documentation of best practices which have been adopted and replicated in public sector and used for policy change for increasing employment.

Target group and working area:

Vulnerable boys, girls and young people with no income and/or poor income.

• Drop out boys, girls and young people from school.

• Youth ageing between 14-25

• Slum dwellers

• Working area: 8 areas of Chittagong Port City

Trade courses of UDDIPAN TVET:

There are 5 trade courses of 20 students in each course with duration of 6 months those are:

1. Electrical,

2. Electronics

3. Welding and Fabrication

4. Industrial Sewing Garments

5. Industrial Sewing Leather

Stakeholders’ engagement process:

UDDIPAN TVET organize quarterly meeting with the community people, parents , religious leader, representatives of similar technical institutes, local government leaders and the employers of the industries of Chittagong for rapport building and engaging them with the project aiming to have sort of social responsibility towards Project sustainability.

Course duration status:

Trade Course

6 months in house training at TVET Centre

Internship period in the industries






3 months




3 months

Welding and Fabrication



3 months

Industrial Sewing Garments



3 months

Industrial Sewing Leather



3 months


There is a provision of 3 months internship in the trade related industries of the port city after successful completion of the courses .

Job placement:

The graduates after completing their internship are placed in Job in the respected industries of the port city of Chittagong.

Overall success rate of UDDIPAN TVET.

The overall success rate of UDDIPAN TVET is 92-98%.

Change happened:

After completing the graduation from UDDIPAN TVET and awarded with the gainful employment a positive behavioral change happened among the graduates and its cascading effect among the family and society even.

Now they are contributing in the poverty reduction and lead better livelihood having gainful decent Job in the industries and through self employment.

Project closing date of this phase:

This project will come to an end in December 2018.The continuation of the project will produce further skilled and gentleman technicians, generate employment and save the future nation from child labour.

A blink of hope in Rehanas’ life

Rehana noor Begum is a girl of 24 years. She is the daughter of Md. Belayet Hossen and Mrs.Nurunnahar Begum of Nazirpara, Muradpur, Chittagong. She has three sisters and one younger brother. Her father was a forth class government employee with a slary of BDT. 10000/-only and mother is a house wife. Her father was the only earning member who could not able to bear the expenses of a 6 member’s family with that little income. At that time Rehana was read in class nine.

Due to the striking poverty Rehana could not able to continue her study. So she had to leave her study at class nine and thus her dream of higher education ended at the beginning. Rehana was worried about the miseries of her family but could do nothing. Due to miserable economic condition her father was bound to arrange and accomplished the marriage of Rehana without her consent with a bus driver. After one year, she gave birth a beautiful daughter name Ema. But her husband was not happy to have a daughter and he started torturing of Rehana both mentally and physically. In the meantime, Rehans’ father has died which was a great shock to her. In this circumstance, finding no other ways she returned to her father's house with her little daughter. Unfortunately her husband did not bear any expenses for Rehana and her daughter Ema. So she was too frustrated for these unexpected miseries of her life and was totally helpless. Two years later, her husband also died by a road accident that was also a shock for her. In that situation, she was struggling to survive with her daughter and family but could not find any means.

One day all of a sudden, Rehana got a leaflet of UDDIPAN TVET Center from a close neighbor, containing the information UDDIPAN TVET facilitated free of cost trade courses. This was a blink of hope on the other end of her life tunnel.

Naturally,she was curious to know the detail information and came to know all about of UDDIPAN TVET Centers’ offered free of cost of 5 trade courses , admission process ,internship and job placement in industries of port city Chittagong. Later, she took the decision to get admitted herself into the trade course of Industrial Sewing Garments at UDDIPAN TVET Center, Chittagong. Accordingly, she applied for the course, faced written interview, viva-voce test and appointment for expression of her commitment towards completion of the course without any interruption to UDDIPAN TVET Centers’ authority. Finally, she got admitted into the Industrial Sewing Garments with a determination of successful completion of the course. Then, she started the course with a great interest and enthusiasm and found a nice match of joyful learning environment at UDDIPAN TVET Center, Chittagong. She was happy to have a good friend circle and respected teachers along with JPO and principal. She was happy to have free of cost course and an experienced teachers team along with other staff of UDTVET Center. Moreover, getting of BDT.1000/- as course allowance per month was an additional bonus to her that helped a lot to her family too. She was also happy to have additional scope of learning on communicative English and basic computer operation, that would be a great help for her in her future professional life.

In the meantime, she successfully completed the course and started a ladies tailoring shop of her own, nearby her house.

Rehana is now a self employed tailoring shop owner and earning an amount of BDT. 9000-10000 per month after the successful completion of the Industrial Sewing Garments Trade course from UDDIPAN TVET, Chittagong. Presently, she has financial freedom and she enjoyed it like anything. At present, she is contributing a lion portion of her earning to her family to meet daily expenditures.

Her ten years old daughter “Ema” now is in class–V. Rehana now can spare more money for her mothers’ better treatment. Her status at family and societal level has already been enhanced. She said “Now I have a strong position in my family, where I am a proud decision maker that makes me confident, empowered and happy too. UDDIPAN TVET has given me the opportunity to change my life from a vulnerable situation to a joyful smiling end. Presently, I feel confident to face the reality of life and be able to smile and even I can dream for my daughters’ brilliant future.

At the end Rehana would like to say, “I am really happy to say that it is UDDIPAN TVET Center of ECLP, which gave me the opportunity to be trained in 6 months trade course of Industrial Sewing Garments as skilled technicians. It is Ending Child Labour Programme (ECLP) of TdH Netherlands that has enlightened and empowered me from a vulnerable situation, where I myself and my family were undone and going to be ruined. To me TdH Netherlands’ assistance is a God blessing for me, my family and my friends UDDIPAN TVET Center, Chittagong. I would like to request UDDIPAN as well as TdH-Netherlands to extend this support widely for the vulnerable youngsters of Chittagong division and all over the country if possible for creating employment opportunities and thus reduce poverty towards SDGs.

I would like to express my gratitude to UDDIPAN TVET Center of ECLP and TdH Netherlands for providing opportunity to be skilled, confident, self-employed and empowered.”