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UDDIPAN has been conferred ICAB Award-2017 for its Annual Report: 2015-2016


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UDDIPAN Annual Report


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Title of the Product:

Shaimma (a Bangle word, means Equity)- a Participatory Economic Development Project based on Islamic concept.


Muslin religious leaders are not involve with the Interest based Microfinance Program (MFP) though they have in need of financial support for running their economic business. In this context UDDIPAN come forward apart from the interest with a new strategic dimension to support economic activities. UDDIPAN authority had some consultation with the relevant persons to have their opinions in this regard. Finally, UDDIPAN started its piloting in the name of 'Shaimma' at Chakaria branch under Cox's Bazar district.


UDDIPAN own fund.


It is a pilot project (product) which is started from January 2012 and still running. After evaluation it will further continue as a project for long term period.


The pilot project is running in Chakaria branch under Cox's Bazar district and has so far spread over 6 unions of Chakaria Upazila.

Target beneficiaries:

Islamic religious leader especially Imam, Moazzen of local mosque, Teachers of Islamic School or Madrasha or Muktab and other poor people who possesses Islamic values and culture.


To reduce the economic vulnerability of target people.


To raise family income through provision of skills training and implementing participatory economic initiatives for undertaking livelihood vocation.

Key activities:

  • Institution building,
  • Income & Employment Generation through participatory investment,
  • Savings generation,


  • Number of borrowers (up to 31 December 2014): 170
  • Savings under this project (up to 31 December 2014): Tk. 9.67 lac.
  • Cumulative disbursement (up to 31 December 2014): Tk. 2.54 cror
  • Outstanding (on 31 December 2014): Tk. 54.10 lac.
  • On Time Realization (OTR): 99.78%