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a Bangladeshi National level development organization

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The specific objectives are as below

  • to facilitate mobilizing and organizing women, men and children of the excluded poor families at the grassroots,regional, and central levels to address development issues and plan, implement, manage community demand driven activities for social, economic, and cultural improvements;
  • to augment family income of the poor, underprivileged, and ethnic minorities through micro financing livelihood.
  • to facilitate the target people for mobilization of internal resources and gaining access to external resources;
  • to contribute to the improvement of the health of the women, men and children of the poor families through health      education, access to available health services and providing related health services;
  • to enhance the status of the women, men, and children of the target families through promotion of their fundamental.
  • to increasingly build capacities of the members of the target population through implementation of education and skill development trainings directed at sustained improvement in their lives;
  • to complement and supplement the development efforts of the government.