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UDDIPAN has been conferred ICAB Award-2017 for its Annual Report: 2015-2016


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UDDIPAN Micro-Finance program (MFP)


United Development Initiatives for Programmed Actions–(UDDIPAN) started functioning from 1984. It is a national level non-profit organization to promote & enhance of human rights of the poor, underprivileged & disadvantaged segments of the country with prime focus on the participation of children, youths, women & men.

    UDDIPAN started Micro-Finance Program from 1989. Now UDDIPAN Micro-Finance Program’s working area coverage 37 Districts, 212 Upazillas, 1,407 unions and 7,485 villages through 307 branches. Micro-Finance staffs are 3,184.

    Micro Finance Program (MFP) of UDDIPAN is a major economic initiative by which the target beneficiaries try to change their economic vulnerability to achieve a minimum standard of life.

Goal of the MFP :

Improve economic conditions of the disadvantaged children, youths, women and men through credit support to involve them in income & employment generating activities, which helps to reduce their social, economic and cultural vulnerability. Empowerment of underprivileged people targeting women as the focal point for reaching every member of the family – children, youths, women and men.

Specific objective :

To poverty alleviation, women empowerment and employee creation.


Key activities :

  • Group Formation,
  • Savings Generation,
  • Loan Disbursement,
  • Keep Documents
  • Training,
  • Awareness building.

Key achievements Up to the month December 2017:

Beneficiaries Total savings & balance (Tk. million) Loan disbursement (Tk. million) Rate of Recovery Loan outstanding (Tk. million)
2,482,260 3,597.14 81,735.95 98.61% 8,193.26