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a Bangladeshi National level development organization

UDDIPAN Annual Report


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Legal Affiliation with

Legal Status

UDDIPAN is registered with:
• Department of Social Service. 
• Bureau of NGO affairs. 
• Joint Stock Company under the Societies Registration Act. 
• Micro Credit Regulatory Authority. 

NGO Affairs Bureau and Social Welfare Registration details (dates and numbers)

• Ministry of Social Welfare: Reg. No. Dha – 01914, date 27.04.1986. 
• NGO Affairs Bureau: Reg. No. 286, date 22.02.1989 and Renew date 08.02.2009 . 
• Registration of Societies: Reg. No. S – 4243 (345)/04. date 18.11.2004
• Micro Credit Regulatory Authority: Reg. No. 00123-00848-00003, date 05.09.2007