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Information Communication & Research

The objective of the component is to empower the communities, development organizations, and members of media and civil society through meeting, workshop, sharing session, consultation, small group discussion, seminar etc. UDDIPAN has published materials viz information booklet, posters, leaflets, information folder, training manuals, sticker, and newsletters as part of the initiatives. Such activities have encouraged the printing media to publish a number of features and success stories of UDDIPAN’s and the electronic media to organize a number of talk-show where UDDIPAN attended as discussant and some cases anchored the events that reinforced the confidence and commitment of staff members, target beneficiaries & people at large.

This section of UDDIPAN is playing significant role in preparing and publishing various types of Information, Education & Communication (IEC) materials which includes annual report, different kinds of donors’ reports, brochure, profile, leaflet, posters, information folder, sticker, newsletter, presentation etc. This section also plays important roles in producing different development write-ups, concept notes, preparing and developing different proposals. Organizational documentary, project documentary are also produced with the direct intervention of this section. It is worthwhile to mention that this section is also held responsible for external resource mobilization, donor contact, preparation and submission of Expression of Interest (EoI) etc.

During the reporting period, UDDIPAN launched its website ( with new design and outlook with an aim to draw the attention of many a development actors and partners about its development endeavors. In addition, during the reporting period this section also produced an internal research report on the ‘Existing Staff Members’ of UDDIPAN to address the need of the organization.