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Internal Control and Risks Management Department (ICRMD)

The Internal Control and Risk Management Department (ICRMD) have the responsibility to audit Organization activities as a service to the management.

Up to August 2018, a total of 306 no. of branches including, head office and other projects are audited 485 times. Special audit in few branches were done, some branches were audited twice and some were once in a year.

ICRMD addresses the following issues:

  • Verification of the accuracy of the financial records and of related reports and statistics.
  • Ensuring that the standard accounting practices of the organization is adhered.
  • Ascertain that proper authority is given for the purchase and disposal of the assets of the organization, and that there is adequate protection afforded to, and efficient use of these assets.
  • The prevention and early detection of fraud, corruption etc.
  • Compliance with applicable law and regulation.
  • Undertake special investigations as and when required by the management.
  • Monitor implementation of field activities.

As required by the management and the Audit and Monitoring Review Committee, the ICRMD provides the highest quality of auditing services and thereby enhancing fiscal control of the Organization.