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Education to Protect Child and Youth Labourers in Agriculture (EPCYLA)

Project’s Background:

Child Development Program-CDP has been operating since 1995 in order to establish Child Rights (CR) in every vulnerable pockets of UDDIPAN’s working areas. Phase by phase, the project has shifted its focus on child protection based on the local CR situation.

    Various studies show that of the 93% of child labours who are engaged in informal sectors, a big portion of them, figuring 56%, are involved in different agricultural sectors in the rural areas. Lesson learnt from previous phase emphasizes that the largest portion of child labours are involved in hazardous works, and are left from any sort of development initiatives.

    Protect Rights of Child Labourers in Agriculture Project (PRCLA) is a development phase of the previous project which draw attention on child labours involved in the agricultural sector. This phase has been redesigned with a new title ‘Education to Protect Child and Youth Labourers in Agriculture (EPCYLA)’ project and focuses more in the Rights of child and youth labours in agriculture. This is also the continuation of previous project which started in January 2011, for the period of 3 years. EPCYLA emphasizes Education & better employment for child &Youth labours. The project is being implemented under the Education and Youth Empowerment (EYE) Theme of SCSD.


By 2021, Children and youth labours in agriculture are enjoying their rights as productive citizen.



  1. Scope of competency based on basic education for children and youth in agriculture laborers created.

  2. Employment based livelihood education opportunity for youth and children enhanced.

  3. Scope to protect children and youth laborers (involved in agricultural sector) in their work places increased, as well as in the society, by facilitating improved knowledge and capacity of the children, youth and stakeholders.


Target group:

  • Vulnerable children who are engaged in hazardous work;
  • Vulnerable children who are at risk of getting involved in hazardous work ;
  • Vulnerable Youth who are not offered future opportunities;

Geographical coverage:

Six rural areas under 5 districts of Bangladesh (6 working Areas in Bangladesh namely Bheramar, Allardargah, Pirojpur, Daudkandi, Bashkhali and Dohazari).


Financial Partner:

Save the Children International (SCI)

Project Period:

01 January 2011 to continuing.

Activity Components:

To achieve the objectives under EPCYLA, it is essential to focus on the following activity components:

  • Provision for basic literacy education,
  • Provision for hard employability skills & soft skills,
  • Protection Education,
  • Advocacy & Networking,


        Provision for basic literacy education:

  • Non-formal education,
  • Pre-schooling,
  • Mainstreaming,

        Provision for hard employability skill & soft skills:

  • Technical, vocational education and training (TVET),
  • Job placement,
  • Career Development Plan,
  • Personal and professional skills.


        Under the component, UDDIPAN has established 02 vocational training centers with necessary equipments in two rural locations, namely Banskhali and Daudkandi. The training on the following trades are being provided from the mentioned training center-

  • Mobile servicing,
  • Computer operation & servicing,
  • Trailing & garments sewing
  • Electric & electronic servicing,
  • Poultry & livestock rearing
  • Nursery development

        After completion of these courses, the trained children and youth have been involving in self and wage employment.


       Protection Education:

       Protection education promotes rights to child labours and youth. It teaches child labour and youth how to acquire Personal and professional skills that protect them from violence, exploitation, torture and discrimination. It’s also promotes safe working condition through:

  • Implementation of Code of Conduct (CoC),
  • Occupational Health and Safety and
  • Others compliances by educating parents, employers, the community and other stakeholders.


       Advocacy & Networking:

       Advocacy is a big part to ensure safe and decent employment of the children and youths, particularly children in labor. In terms of both capacity building and employment, networking and liaison is essential with larger agencies. Child & Youth clubs, Community Watch Group (SAPAK), teachers’ forum, journalist forum are the key stakeholders for advocacy. In order to mitigate the hazards of the children in workplace and replace them in decent jobs UDDIPAN has been maintaining networking with related stakeholders from both government and non government and administration.

  • Publication of Newsletter
  • Knowledge Management


Case study:

Will force make Emo’s dream to survive

Mahedi Hasan Emo, son of Md. Shajahan & Most. Aysha Begum from Baropara union of Daudkandi. From childhood he has always dreamed of being an honorable person in the society, however, some unfortunate family troubles had effectively broken his dream. Being born in a poor family of thirteen, it was a big challenge to achieve his dream. But vocational Training and his deep yearning and determination to become a successful entrepreneur, has ultimately changed his lifestyle.

    When Emu was a student of class six his father became unemployed, causing Emo to drop out from school. In 2008 Emo joined UDDIPAN child & youth club of Sholopara at Daudkandi. By the initiative of the club members, Emo again began to pursue his studies. Beside this, he gained some life skill training under the Child development program of UDDIPAN. During the starting period of EPCYLA 2011 Emo completed the Basic Computer Operation and Servicing Course. Following his career plan, an assigned staff linked him with “Alamin computer hardware & software servicing center” at Gouripur bazaar of Daudkandi and he joined “Ismark computer” as an apprentice. Now he has become a skilled computer technician, and owns “Touch & Solved Computer hardware center” at Shahid Nagar Bazar. His monthly income is above 15000 taka and his family is now dependable on him.

    At the present Emo plans to establish his modern computer servicing center, and eventually expand it into a training institute for the distressed youth. He wants this initiative of his to create a safe job opportunity for vulnerable child & youth labours.

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