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Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Household Towards Elimination of their Poverty ( ENRICH)


ENRICH is an integrated Pilot Project Started in February 2010 with the assistance of PKSF which is being implemented in Parerhat Union of IndurkaniUpazilaunder the District of Pirojpur and Kalipur Union of BanskhaliUpzila under the District of Chittagong.

Basically ENRICH is a new poverty reduction program. The Program seeks to end poverty by working with the poor households in association with the local government and other committed stakeholders to help the households lift themselves out of poverty. The overall goal of the program is to reduce poverty on a sustainable basis towards its total elimination at the household level and eventually throughout the country.

The overriding objective is to un-bundle the hidden potentialities of the poor household, encouraging and assisting them to bring changes in their economics condition themselves. They would need access to appropriate technologies as well as to health and education so that their productivity would increase and also to markets so that they can optimize returns from their market operations. Critical to the success of this program is the principle that the households are empowered to lead the process of their own development; obviously a lot will depend on willingness and hard work of the people themselves.


The main goals are bellows:

  • Empowering the poor families through participating in the program so that they can proceed with the enlightened steps to eradicate their poverty on a sustainable basis.
  • Ensuring access to the poor in health, education, nutrition, especially the women and children.
  • Work in collaboration with local communities and related organizations; take effective measures to deal with natural disasters and to make appropriate contributions to disaster rehabilitation.
  • To explore cooperation effort of Government, non-government and NGOs for acceleratedsustainable poverty reduction and development processes implementation aiming to reduce poverty from grassrote level.

Implementation Process:

a) The best use of the existing resources and capacity of poor families.
b) Increase the existing resources and capabilities of the poor families and help in preserving it sustainably


The major activities of the program are as bellows:

  • Health Services Activities
  • Household visit
  • Courtyard session on health & nutrition issues
  • Satellite clinic
  • Static clinic
  • Special Health camp
  • Special eye camp
  • Medicine distribution
  • Sanitation (Establishing sanitary latrines through distributing free ring & slabs between the poorest and the poor peoples.
  • 100% wormsremove from the human body
  • Friendly stove
  • Solar home system

  • Value chain development activity
  • Education support activity
  • Household /Family based development activity
  • Sustainable income generating activity
  • Homestead vegetable cultivation
  • Vermi compost production activity
  • Technical support to agriculture & livestock sector
  • Enrich home
  • Enthusiastic member rehabilitation
  • Special savings activity
  • Rural infrastructure development
  • Youth development activity
  • Enrich coordination meeting at village, word and union level
  • Economical support activity
  • Information management

The achievement as on December’17 (Parerhat&Kalipur)



Health card distribution (No.)


Health service through Static Clinic (Person)


Health service through Satellite Clinic Organized (Person)


General Health Camp Organized (Person)


Eye Camp Organized


Special Eye Camp for Cataract Surgery (Person)


Diabetics Test (Person)


Established Education Center (School)


Number of Students


Established Bondhu Chula


Solar Home System


Basok tree plantation (No.)


Organized IGA Training & Youth Training (Person)


Established ENRICH Center.


Established ENRICH House


Beggar Rehabilitation (Per person Tk. 1 Lac)


Construction of ENRICH Center (No.)


IGA Loan Disbursement (Tk in core)


Sanitary Latrine- 1533, Tubewell-74, Pont re-scabbing-03, Ring Culvert, Wood & Bamboo Bridge 128