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“Child Isratjahan (Litun) changed her father’s hand washing practice”

Name of Borrower: Nasima Begum, Wife of: Lavlu Mia, Age: 34 years, Occupation: House Wife, Date of Interview: 07/26/2016 Location: Village: Daktarpara, Village Organization (VO): Daktarpara (VO Code #-05, Member Code # 63), Branch: UDDIPAN Hazirhat Branch, Upazila- Rangpur Sadar, District-Rangpur, Bangladesh. Family Information: 04 Members (Male-02 and Female-02). The family is not financially insolvent, but not aware about health, hygiene and safety.

Isratjahan (Litun) daughter of Nasima Begum, the hub characters of this study. She is six years old. Nasima has quite a lot of harsh experiences on health & hygiene related diseases. Rangpur is an area as remote as geographically and a percentage of people are typically live in under poverty line as well as religiously conservative culture. The people of this region are not enough conscious about safe water, sanitation & hygiene and it’s a major root-cause of violent behavior to women and children. As reference of statistics, the area is also stirred up as high rate of illness for the time being among other districts over the country. The Water Credit Project endorsed by the UDDIPAN might be brought under control the situation Nasima deserved.

UDDIPAN provided her a 2 days inclusive client training on WASH covering the issues; WASH capacity building, loan product implementation & administration under the project “Development and Introduction of WASH loan program for Marginalized to create Access to Improved WASH services”, supported by A session titled “Hand washing with soap” was inbuilt in that training program. At the time of that session daughter of Nasima, Isratjahan (Litun) was present and she learnt very attentively and started to practice on regular basis. Once morning her village doctor father Mr. Lavlu when came out from latrine, she stopped him and said, as per my instruction you will wash your hands with soap than you will go to room, otherwise not. Firstly, Mr. Lavlu felt shyness, but he was bound to follow his daughter’s command. Litun demonstrated her father how he will wash his hands with soap and Mr. Lavlu do the same as her daughter’s instruction. Litun said her father that she has learnt hand washing from a training program organized by Water Credit Project of UDDIPAN where she attended with her mother. Not only Mr. Lavlu, Litun demonstrated her brother Md. Imran (14) how to wash hands with soap and what are the critical time of hand washing. Mr. Lavlu says, “We wash hands as usual, but not as Litun’s instruction what she has learnt from UDDIPAN. I will remember my learning from my child and continue practice properly. He is proud of her child Isratjahan (Litun) and thanked UDDIPAN for its rigorous support”.