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Case Study

Case Study

Mrs. Arvia wife of Md. Basiruddin lives in Sonaikundi village of Daulatpur Upazila under Kushtia district. She is a marginal farmer. Her husband’s has 100 decimal of land of his own. She is the mother of one son and two daughters. They used to pass their lives with hardships

She admitted as a group member of UDDIPAN in 2009. After admission to the group, she talked with branch manager and was advised to produce toxic free vegetables because she was habituated to grow paddy, wheat etc. in her field. But these crops were not as profitable as vegetables. Arvia and her husband accepted his advice and they started cultivation of toxic free Cauliflower in 50 decimal in their own land. At the time of Cauliflower cultivation, she received loan amounting Tk 15,000 from UDDIPAN for buying fertilizer, insecticide and other materials as required.

Case Study

There is a big vegetable market in Daulatpur. As such they sold their produced vegetables to that market and got real price. On the other hand, Arvias’s product created huge demand in the market as those were toxic free and organic. Vegetable cultivation became a profitable business for them and she received loan amounting Tk 20,000 and Tk 25,000 in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Right now, plenty of vegetables are grown in her field. It is found that last one season, she sold different vegetables namely cauliflower amounting taka 50,000/-, brinjal taka 45,000/- and tomato 20,000/-.

Alongside now she has a tiny project of beef fattening and has two cows pricing taka 95,000/- approximately. Right at this moment she is able to maintain her all family expenditures including child education from the income earned from her IGAs. Besides, she has taken 33 decimal lands as lease for cultivating more vegetables. Her involvement in IGAs with the help of UDDIPAN has contributed a lot to change her as well as her family members’ life style.