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UDDIPAN Annual Report


UDDIPAN's Newsletter

UDDIPAN At a glance As of August 2018

Name Alias
District covered 37(Cumulative)
Working Thana/Upazila 212
Union covered 1,407
Village overed 7,485
Zonal Office 02
Regional Office 17
No. of Branch 307
No. of Training Centre 03 (Dhaka, Chittagong and Pirojpur)
No. of Village Organization (V.O) 26,050
No. of V.O Client 4,76,089
No. of Beneficiaries (all programs) 23,80,445
Total Saving balance (Tk. in million ) 4,008.86
Loan disbursement (all product) ( million) 91,338.03
Rate of Recovery 98.63%
Loan outstanding (all product) (Tk. in million) 8,246.40
No. of Borrower 3,38,282
Loan Productivity (Portfolio-Per FCO) 5.94 (Million)
Average Loan Disbursed (Per FCO) 1.60 (Million)
No. of Staff Member 3,032(Only for MFP Staff)

Major Program Focus : Poverty alleviation, Women ’s Empowerment, Child and Youth Employment and Empowerment, Micro-Credit, Alternate IGAs, Micro Enterprise, Promotion of Agriculture, Micro Insurance, Remittance, Housing, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Stop Human Trafficking and Promotion of Safe Migration, Social Development and Advocacy etc.