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UDDIPAN Administration Division


A full-fledged Administration Division (AD) as a backbone of an organization looks after the resources & services. AD is intensively related with every position of activities and thus has to function to solve, to negotiation at any cost for proper utilizations.

    UDDIPAN Administration Division (UAD) was initiated jointly with Finance Department at first in 1984. But afterwards UAD has started its journey individually since 2006.

    All the tasks & all the departments of UDDIPAN are connected to the UAD. So UDDIPAN’s AD is undoubtedly important for UDDIPAN. This department has been contributing to 307 branches of UDDIPAN making fulfilling their demand as and when required. UAD has expectation towards organizational excellence initiative to create an Administrative atmosphere that becomes effective, transparent, service oriented and innovative.

Goal of the UAD:

To achieve goal of UDDIPAN, UAD do always to promote a safe & healthy work environment for establish an effective, efficient, dependable and sustainable workforce/manpower to expedite job satisfaction in their achievements and contributions to the organization's mission & vision by deliver cost effective supplies & services.

Specific Objectives of the UAD:

The key objectives of the UAD are:

  • to participate in cooperative procurement opportunities through the UDDIPAN procurement Policy and Public Procurement Rules-2008 that provide lower cost supplies and services.
  • to challenge the status by embracing & initiating beneficial changes that result in continuous improvement in service delivery and employer satisfaction.

Key activities:

  • Administration Department is dealt with General office Management ,
  • Transport Management,
  • Registry Management,
  • Assets Management,
  • Property Management,
  • Security and Safety,
  • Procurement Management providing administrative and
  • Logistical support to the organization.


UAD is that who try their effort to make an organization by their keen observation & steady eye on the day to day activities of each employee. It is very difficult to run an organization without a good AD. Providing a sound working environment Administration does help UDDIPAN to meet their targets and achieves in success to change their clients & service holders.