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UDDIPAN’s mission is to alleviate poverty and improve quality of life of the disadvantaged poor through providing them employment and income generating activities (IGA); facilitating development of their potentials and skills through capacity building; empowering them to claim their rights and entitlements through awareness raising, motivation, institutional development, advocacy, lobbying and collective social actions.


UDDIPAN’s vision is to create an environmentally sound society without poverty, free from exploitation, oppression, injustice and discrimination where children, women and men live with dignity and capable to exercise and enjoy their rights and will have access to opportunities irrespective of cast, creed and colour and participation in the mainstream socio-economic political and cultural processes.

Ethical Principles & Core Values

  • Good Governance practices such as participation of stakeholders in the decision making process, accountability & transparency;.
  • Belief and confidence in the creative potentials of the people;
  • Proactive and pro-people approach to development;
  • Respect for all cultures and faiths;
  • Commitment to vision, mission, goal, and objectives of the organization;
  • Sincerity, honesty and discipline in perception and work;
  • Commitment to attain professional excellence;
  • Democratic practices in decision making;
  • Promotion of balanced men-women relationship based on mutual trust and respect;
  • Team work based on mutual trust and respect, openness, two way feedback and positive thinking;
  • Upward and downward accountability;
  • Maintenance of pollution free environment in the workplaces;